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ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe CODE OF ETHICS

ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe has as a prime objective the promotion of consistent standards of professionalism and service in the information technology industry. Specifically, all members of the Association are committed to act in a professional manner in their relationships with their customers, their employees, fellow members and the public. Members of the ICT Suppliers Association warrant that they will:



At all times conduct business professionally and ethically and fulfil all agreements in good faith.

Accurately represent their experience and capabilities and those of their employees or agents.

Accept responsibility for assisting customers to effective information technology solutions.

 Offer for sale only goods or services for which they have the trading rights or ability to supply.

Express clear and precise information in advertisements and statements issued to the media and, in agreements, avoid terms, which may be misleading or misunderstood.

Disclose to prospective customers any particular interest, which they may have in goods or services, which they recommend.

Treat as confidential all information learned about the business of a customer and to provide proper security for confidential information, records, documents and programmes.

Comply with all applicable laws, copyrights, legislation and regulations in Zimbabwe.



Provide good and safe working conditions, scope for job satisfaction and equal opportunities.

Provide the opportunity for all employees to improve their skills and technical competence.

Impress upon and remind employees of the confidential nature of the customers’ material and information.

Insist upon professional behaviour and a high standard of service to customers.

Ensure that employees are acquainted with this code.



Recognise that disparagement of other members of the industry is unbusiness like and damaging to the reputation of the entire industry.

Refrain from recruiting employees for the purpose of obtaining trade secrets or contracts.

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ICT Africa 2017 willl be held at the H.I.CC from Wednesday 20th September to Friday 22nd September. Kindly get in touch with us on 0773967594 for more information