Our Objectives


  • To be the national representative organization of commercial suppliers in Zimbabwe of Information and Communications Technology (hereinafter referred to as equipment, products and services, and to act in the common interest of its members in all matters affecting the activities of such suppliers of ICT equipment, products and services in Zimbabwe.


  • To represent its members as an Employers’ Organisation in terms of the Labour Act, should this be decided upon by the Members at a General Meeting constituted in terms of Paragraph 9 below.


  • To consider any matters connected directly or indirectly with the supply and maintenance of ICT equipment, products or services in Zimbabwe whether on a subsidiary, distributorship, agency or dealership basis insofar as such matters affect the common interests of the members of the Association.


  • To maintain contact with the Government of Zimbabwe and lobby appropriate Government bodies where necessary on all matters affecting the common interest of the members of the Association.


  • To co-operate with other interested parties on matters affecting training and educational programmes for ICT technicians and other ICT personnel in Zimbabwe and to advise educational and training bodies where necessary on curricula and standards.


  • To consider national, local or other legislation or proposed legislation affecting or likely to affect either directly or indirectly the supply of ICT equipment, products or services in Zimbabwe whether on a subsidiary, distributorship, agency, or dealership basis, and to take such steps in regard thereto as it may deem fit to collect, circulate and publish statistics and other information relating to any of its objects.


  • To express and publish its opinions on any matters directly or indirectly connected with the supply of ICT equipment, products or services in Zimbabwe whether on a Subsidiary, distributorship, agency or dealership basis.


  • To consider, support, promote or oppose any bill, legislation or other measure of Parliament, City Councils or any other body likely to affect the objects of the Association or likely to affect the interests of its members.


  • To make representations to any Minister, Government official, any public authority or to any other person relative to the necessity for the enactment of new legislation or the issue, repeal or amendment of regulations, by-laws or rules in any way connected with or incidental to the objects of the Association.


  • To promote high ethical standards in the conduct of business and excellence of work of the Members of the Association.


  • To become a member of, to affiliate with or amalgamate with wholly or in part any other association or institution internationally or otherwise having wholly or in part similar objects to those of this Association or otherwise to associate with, give guarantees or enter into surety-ships on behalf of any such association or institution for the advancement of any of the objects of the Association.


  • To approach and encourage other bodies or organisations having objects in whole or in part similar to those of the Association to merge with or co-operate with the Association.


  • To protect and further the interests of Members of the Association both collectively and individually and in particular without derogating from the aforesaid to provide support to Members of the Association where it is deemed that unreasonable demands or constraints are placed on tenderers in any tender.


  • To do such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects or any one of them.
Our Address:
22 Lawson Avenue, Kensington,
Harare, Zimbabwe


ICT Africa 2017 willl be held at the H.I.CC from Wednesday 20th September to Friday 22nd September. Kindly get in touch with us on 0773967594 for more information