The major benefits by ICT Suppliers Association members are achieved through services such as:


  • Policy and lobbying.  As a collective voice for the ICT industry we shape the way forward.  We provide our members with a platform to give direct input into the Zimbabwean legislative framework and also develop common standards to the benefit of the entire ICT industry.
  • Networking opportunities through regular seminars, workshops and conferences. An opportunity to learn and forge influential relationships!
  • Marketing Platform.  All members of ICT Suppliers Association are listed on the ICT Suppliers Association website and have access to unique marketing opportunities.
  • Information Sharing.  Through ICT Suppliers Association's affiliation with other bodies such as the WITSA, CSZ, CZI, ZNCC and NECF.
  • Representation on various government and industry structures.  ICT Suppliers Association is the official representative body of the ICT Industry.
  • E-Newsletter.  Circulating important information that will benefit our members.
  • Professional recognition and credibility.  All members of ICT Suppliers Association are signatories to the ICT Suppliers Association Code of Ethics.
  • Interest Groups.  Through the creation of various special interest groups or portfolios ICT Suppliers Association ensures coverage of important issues on all platforms.